On the Point

On the Point
God's Country and a Waterman's Backyard

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Gifts we Make and Take

This year I bought a wreath to support Woodrow Wilson High School since that was Mom’s Alma-Mater High School. I ran out from work early to pick it up and try to beat the traffic. I expected the wreath would already be decorated but it wasn’t. As I fled the city to get to St. Mary’s in time for the snow, I just couldn’t get it out of my head that I had to stop and get decorations for this plain wreath--not milk and bread, a snow shovel, salt or any other necessities, but decorations! I stopped in Waldorf at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and some card shop and finally the Dollar Tree. All the while the flakes were on their way and I kept saying to myself, “Why am doing I this crazy crap?”

I had a plastic Maryland crab in the car left over from a summer crab feast with my sister and I began to look for shells or other sea creatures I could put on the wreath. Michael’s was just too expensive….and I thought the Dollar Tree would have nothing. I got there and wandered the aisles listening to children and parents playing Holiday Shopping-tug-of-war. Just when I was about to give up, I found these beautiful Christian fish magnets. I hardly noticed them since I’m not big on exclusive religious symbols. But I knew they would be perfect for Daddy’s river wreath. So here is the photo of how it came out.

After I was half-way through the drive home from my surprising digressions, the snow began to fall. I suddenly remembered the many years Dad took us into the neighbor’s woods (with permission-believe it or not—since it was deer season and we didn’t want to get shot!) and we picked up running cedar and holly for wreaths. We sat and made them together for friends and family and he taught us how to do a beautiful job on every one.

So THAT was why I was so determined to get it done before the storm. Now the river wreath graces our front door this season with a dusting of snow on top. Maybe next year I will go see the neighbor myself. It just takes some coat hangers, twine, some laughter, and a broom. It always seemed like an easy recipe with Dad around. But I bet with a few of those sentiments on the wreath, we could remember just how to make them with love.

With Dad around---Let It Snow, Let It Snow

All weekend, I’ve been asking Dad's spirit to look out for us not losing our power during this blizzard since all the lines are above ground down here. And we haven’t lost it yet. Just as I finished my little morning prayer about it, I came down to a warm, sunlit kitchen and looked out the window. This is what I found….a long line of geese parading just in front of where Daddy used to shoot. They were saying “Na, na, na, naaa, na.”

Now geese usually did not live long around Dad's watchful eye for game.

I think this was Daddy’s way of sending an Ironic Christmas wish:

Geese in a perfect line that aren’t planning on being anyone’s Christmas dinner! Right up close and personal with no one around to shoot at them!

Thanks for small reminders, Dad.