On the Point

On the Point
God's Country and a Waterman's Backyard

Sunday, December 20, 2009

With Dad around---Let It Snow, Let It Snow

All weekend, I’ve been asking Dad's spirit to look out for us not losing our power during this blizzard since all the lines are above ground down here. And we haven’t lost it yet. Just as I finished my little morning prayer about it, I came down to a warm, sunlit kitchen and looked out the window. This is what I found….a long line of geese parading just in front of where Daddy used to shoot. They were saying “Na, na, na, naaa, na.”

Now geese usually did not live long around Dad's watchful eye for game.

I think this was Daddy’s way of sending an Ironic Christmas wish:

Geese in a perfect line that aren’t planning on being anyone’s Christmas dinner! Right up close and personal with no one around to shoot at them!

Thanks for small reminders, Dad.

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